School Age

Beginner Gymnastics

This class is designed to teach the basics, apparatus include Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor, Trampoline, and Tumble Trak. This class will help to build your child’s confidence until they are ready for the next level. 55 min $85/ Month.


Intermediate Gymnastics

The more you know the more you know is out there to learn. Once promoted to this class your child will be introduced to more difficult elements that will build upon the foundations learned in the beginner class. 55 min $85 / Month.


Beginner Trampoline and Tumbling

If your child like bouncing on a trampoline (and what child doesn’t?) then this could be the class for them! Kids in T&T learn to be highly acrobatic quite a bit earlier than a gymnast would with the same amount of time in the gym. T&T is more focused around tumbling and flipping where as a gymnast is more spread out between bars, beam and vault. 55 min $85 /Month.

Intermediate Trampoline and Tumbling

When your child has learned all the basic safety and elements of beginner, they are ready to start flipping and twisting to another level. 55 Min $85 / Month.

*Schedules are subject to change without notice. If a classes are full, ask to be put on wait list.

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